Yarleny Roa-Dugan

Senior Taekwondo Instructor
  • Black Belt 2nd Dan (Kukkiwon)
  • USAT Certified Referee
  • Began Taekwondo training in Colombia at age 10
  • Won first place in 12 Colombian State tournaments from 2000-2003
  • Won 1st place in Colombia National Championship (2001)
  • Awarded “Best Taekwondo Athlete- Category A” (2001)
  • Awarded National “Sportswoman of the year” (2002)
  • Won 1st place in  Colombia’s II National Poomse Championship (2002)
  • Won 1st place at the USA International Taekwondo Championship in Las Vegas (2004)
  • Earned First Degree Black Belt (2004)
  • Won 1st place at the Nevada State Tournament (2005)
  • Won 1st place at the NAO Taekwondo championship (2005)
  • Earned Second Degree Black Belt (2008)
  • Won 1st place in poomse and 2nd place in sparring at the Nevada State Tournament (2010)
  • Won 1st place in poomse at the Aguila’s Invitational Taekwondo Championship (2011)

Born in Colombia, Yarleny started practicing Taekwondo at the age of ten.  Although, she was first attracted to this martial art for its discipline and moral code, she was soon immersed in the excitement of Taekwondo competitions.

She started to make a name for herself in 2001, by becoming the “Best Taekwondo Athlete” of the year in her category. Yarleny then went on to become a Colombian National Champion in several competitions. She competed in both sparring and poomse events (Individual, Team, and Free Style modalities). One of her most memorable accomplishments, in Colombian Taekwondo, was her participation at the XXI National Black Belt Championship in 2003. She was only fifteen years old and a pre-black belt, when she fought and won second place in the adult, black belt division which helped her become a junior member of the Colombian National Team.

In 2004, Yarleny moved to Las Vegas, NV, where she began training under Master Tapia, and earned her first and second degree black belts. Since then, Yarleny has earned the title of Nevada State Champion on several occasions and has cross-trained in other arts such as Hapkido, Muay Thai, and Kick Boxing.

Throughout her years of training and teaching, Yarleny has learned that “Taekwondo is more than a sport; it is a way of life.” As an instructor, Yarleny is approachable and patient but strict when it comes to discipline, respect and sportsmanship.