Nena Z.Tapia

Senior Instructor
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon)
  • USAT Certified Referee (Level D)
  • USAT Certified Coach (Level 1)
  • Certified as a Coach Level 1(2010)
  • Certified as a USAT Referee (2010)
  • Earned Second Degree Black Belt (2010)
  • Earned First Degree Black Belt (2005)
  • Earned Gold Medal Vegas Open(2004)
  • Earned Silver Medal Nevada State(2002))

Born in Serbia, Instructor Nena Tapia has practiced Tae Kwon Do for ten years under Grand Master George Tapia. Since 2001, Instructor Nena Tapia has participated in several competitions in which she earned gold and silver medals. She also became certified as USAT Referee in May of 2010. She earned her first degree black belt in November of 2005 and her 2nd degree in November of 2010. She currently dedicates most of her time teaching and training Tae Kwon Do to the students at the Academy of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

Nena believes that "Tae Kwon Do is a way of life and way of thinking. In order to truly master the essence of the art, one must learn to master oneself and to be totally committed to the mental and the physical discipline which Tae Kwon Do demands."