LAITF Membership
While fostering increased participation in the sport of Taekwondo by Latinos remains a primary goal of
the LAITF, membership and participation in all of the programs of the LAITF is open to every
practitioner or supporter of Taekwondo without regard to age, sex, race, creed, religion, or national
origin. Love for and a desire to practice Taekwondo are the only requirements for Individual

             Benefits of LAITF Membership

Individual Members
of the LAITF are eligible for the following benefits;

1. Black Belt Athletes participate in LAITF Point Ranking system to determining eligibility for LAITF
financial assistance awards for travel to and competition at state, regional, national or international

2. Qualified Athletes are eligible to participate in reduced cost LAITF Kukkiwon Testing and
Certification program.

3. Qualified Black Belt Athletes may be eligible for reduced fees or tuition assistance to the extent funds
are available.

Member Clubs of the LAITF are eligible for the following benefits;

1. Member Clubs participate in the LAITF
Club Rebate Program, which rebates to the club a portion
of the Entry Fee paid by the club’s athletes who compete in any LAITF event. The maximum rebate is
30% of the Club’s athlete’s Entry Fee.

2. Member Clubs are eligible for LAITF Tournament assistance for hosted LAITF events.
This assistance may include;
a. LAITF advance cover of the operating costs of the event to be reimbursed to the LAITF at the
conclusion of the event;
b. operational consulting by LAITF Event Operations advisors;
c. on-site operating assistance by the LAITF Event Operations staff;
d. and/or all of the above. LAITF expert Event Operations Team can provide as much or as little
assistance as the hosting club requires.

3. Member Clubs have the option of adopting the
LAITF Curriculum which standardizes training to  
Kukkiwon standards and maximizes the opportunity for students to successfully test for Kukkiwon

4.   Member Clubs are eligible to test and promote their students through the LAITF
Testing and Certification
Individual Member Applicationn (PDF)           
($20 yearly)                                                      
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