LAITF Athlete Development Program
The goal of the LAITF Athlete Development Program is to identify amateur Taekwondo athletes
who consistently demonstrate the ability, the will and the commitment to become national and
world class athletes, then to encourage and support the development of those athletes to the best
of it’s ability. One of the tools used is the LAITF
Tournament Point System which ranks
member Black Belt athletes according to their performance in sparring competition at Events
recognized by the LAITF
Athlete Evaluation Committee.

           LAITF Athlete Support Program
The goal of the LAITF Athlete Support Program is to provide financial assistance to as many
ADP ranked Black Belt Athletes as possible in the form of subsidies to cover the athlete’s costs
of attendance and participation in State, Regional, National and International competitions. The
subsidy may be used to cover travel, lodging and meal expenses or entry fees.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Grandmaster George A. Tapia, Founder and President
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