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Welcome to Grandmaster
Tapia's Academy of
Taekwondo and Hapkido
In our Academy, we offer the
programs that can take you to the
future. Our vision is to take you to
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Grandmaster Tapia
Grandmaster George Tapia holds the
Kukkiwan rank of 7th Dan in Taekwondo as
well as the Kidohae (Korea Kido Association)
rank of 6th Dan in Hapkido. He attained his
current Kidohae Rank of 6th Dan in 2002 and
Kukkiwon rank of 7th Dan in 2012.
He is the President of the
International Taekwondo Federation
Director of both the
Nevada State
Organization. and the Nevada
AAU Taekwondo Organization
Olympic Sport Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a full medal Olympic Sport.

We offer World Class Olympic Competitive Sport Taekwondo training for dedicated Taekwondo athletes.

Athletes are coached by proven former National and International Champions who have "been there -
done that" and have coached both individual athletes and National Teams to success in National and
International competition.
Traditional Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a traditional Martial Art of Korea.

Taekwondo is unlike many sports activities in that instruction in moral and ethical behavior is an
integral part of Taekwondo training.

At the same time students acquire viable self-defense skills they are taught the importance of Courtesy,
Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control
and Indomitable Spirit and encouraged to apply these principles
in their everyday lives. As students progress in their training they are taught the importance of things like
family, community, brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, respect, courage, and compassion. The Moral Code of
Taekwondo summarizes these teachings.

The physical benefits of practicing Taekwondo include improved physical fitness, increased coordination,
timing and mental focus. In time students develop full unity of mind and body and complete mastery of

The benefit most commonly reported by parents of students who persist in Taekwondo is a marked
improvement in their performance in class and in their interpersonal relations with others

Taekwondo training builds character.

Hapkido is a complete Martial Art

Hapkido is considered by many authorities to be the most effective system for self-defense
and personal protection available to the general public.

Grandmaster Tapia has taught federal and local law enforcement officers Hapkido techniques
for effective disarming, submission, and control. If you are serious about acquiring the
knowledge and skills to confidently dominate and master any confrontation this is the
program for you.
  Benefits of Taekwondo
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World Class Instruction in Traditional and Olympic Sport Taekwondo - Korean Hapkido
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